General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan

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MSLI Safety Guidelines

All participants will self-screen within their own youth ministries groups to determine if they should participate.

In order to make this event available to as many persons as possible, masks will be "recommended" when indoors and will be available to all participants. What this means, specifically, is that all adult leaders and presenters will be wearing a mask unless eating or drinking. This is a wonderful opportunity for our adults to model servant leadership - i.e. if we recommend our students read their Bibles, we read our Bibles as a model to them. And if we recommend masks, we as adult leaders will all wear them. Students, however, will have the option and will be allowed participation with or without a mask. For a leadership event, this is our opportunity to be both intentional and grace-filled. Our host church and task force will also be very mindful with the sizes of our classrooms and spacing.

Registration for Michigan Student Leadership Institute


Any Questions?

Contact Connie Graham, Youth Ministry Director
Email or call (989) 835-9262