General Assembly
of the Church of God
in Michigan

"equipping local congregations
to extend the Kingdom of God"

Thank you for supporting the ministries of the General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan.

General Budget/Operating

B. Gale Hetrick Endowment Fund

Named in loving mmeory of the late Dr. B. Gale Hetrick whose forty-three years of ministry served as an inspiration to countless ministers and lay leaders, this Endowment Fund focuses clearly on pastors. Proceeds from the interest earnings of the fund are used solely for the funding of seminars and training events for ministers of the Church of God in Michigan which will assist them in providing more effective ministry.

Michigan Mission Outreach Endowment Fund

This fund is established to bring new vitality to traditional ministries and to provide financial resources for the discovery, development, and exercise of creative and innovative new ministries in the Church of God throughout Michigan. Interest earnings of the Fund are used to support these new forms of ministry through the funding of such programs as training for lay leaderss, pilot programs for family ministries, urban ministry projects, evangelism, and outreach programs.

The principal of the endowment will not be spent, only the income generated by investments will be used for approved ministries and outreach projects. Funds will be distributed when the endowment has a principal value of $100,000. The Michigan Mission Outreach Endowment total is $5,872, respectively.

Ministry Renewal Endowment Fund

It is the intent of the Board of Directors to extend the “ministry of healing, teaching, and training” to Michigan Church of God pastors, lay leaders, and congregations. The fund shall be used to support and fund such events and programs that undergird the renewal of pastors, lay leaders, and congregations. The financial resources of the fund will be used for ministries such as, but not limited to, those listed below.

- Congregational leadership retreats including planning and training experiences

-Pastoral retreats for renewal and refreshment

- Support for events such as the Pastors' Institute and Ministry Wives Retreat

- Support for sabbatical experiences

- Special projects and/or ministries approved by the Board of Directors to aid and equip pastors and lay persons for ministry

The Board of Directors has the authority to add, change, or amend the purposes of the Ministry Renewal Endowment Fund.

New Works Fellowship Endowment Fund

The New Works Fellowship Endowment Fund was established to assist the Church of God in Michigan with multiplication activities. This endowment provides funds for staffing, coaching, outreach, and other multiplication related expenses.

Spending of the endowment fund is limited to 90% of the interest from investments.

Older Adult Endowment Fund

Purpose of the Endowment

Provide funds for leadership equipping and training events.

Help establish Older Adult Ministries in the local Church of God congregations in Michigan.

Assist churches and individuals with funds to participate in state recognized Older Adult Ministry activities.

A Great Start

An Older Adult Ministry Endowment has been established through the State Office of the Church of God in Michigan by an anonymous donor. The initial contribution is a great start, and combined with contributions from people like you, the endowment will become a great tool for our older adults.

Peak Your Interest

Your contribution will be added to the initial donation. Once the endowment has grown through gifts and the accrual of interest to $50,000, 60% of the interest will be used to benefit our seniors. The remaining 40% will be reinvested into the endowment. Only our seniors will be eligible to use any of these funds. The balance of the endowment is $41,469, respectively.

Thank Your Senior

This will only benefit our seniors. If you are a senior and need financial assistance in order to attend functions recognized by the State Office of the Church of God in Michigan, you will be eligible. For everyone who is not a senior, this is your way of helping the golden individuals in your congregation. A way for you to say thank you seniors for all you have done for me.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

The greatest thing about this endowment is that it will never go away. Because only the interest will be used to support senior adult activities, the balance will remain intact. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Some Day You Will Be A Senior

Even if you are not a senior yet, the endowment will be there for you when you are and will continue to be there for the next generations. A comforting thought to know that you can help seniors of today, tomorrow, and beyond with your gift right now.

Pastoral Family Enrichment Endowment

The purpose of the Pastoral Family Enrichment Endowment Fund will be to provide grant funds to enrich the family life of ministers of the Church of God in Michigan. Since there is a plan in place to assist Michigan pastors in continuing education, the fund will focus on the needs of pastors' spouses and children under twenty-one years of age.

In general, the Pastoral Family Enrichment Endowment may be used when fully funded in the following ways:

  • Personal development of a pastor's spouse
  • Continuing education of a pastor's spouse
  • Degree completion of a pastor's spouse
  • Family Development Events involving the entire family (but not to be used for camp meeting attendance or ordinary vacation plans).
  • Family camp events
  • Family enrichment conferences (while not duplicating the purpose of the B. Gale Hetrick Memorial Fund).

The balance of the endowment is $99,851.62, respectively.

Lifelong Learning Matching Funds

Candidates for Lifelong Learning Matching Funds shall be pastors and/or assistant/associate pastors or chaplains who serve or attend Michigan Church of God congregations.

The program is understood as a continuous and continuing program. The congregation/employer makes a deposit with the Service Center of the Church of God in Michigan. Pastoral Health Ministry will match each deposit of the local congregation with a 100% ratio. That is, the Ministry will add $1.00 for each dollar that the congregation contributes. The maximum that will be added by the Pastoral Health Ministry will be $150.00 per year. A deposit of up to $150.00 by the local congregation will qualify the pastor(s) for the maximum of $150.00 matched funds. The congregation may deposit additional funds for the pastor’s use.

Lifelong Learning - Matching Funds is supported through the B. Gale Hetrick Memorial Endowment. Depending upon market fluctuations, the General Assembly budget will provide any additional funds to grant requests.

As long as the local congregation continues to deposit funds in the Lifelong Learning Fund, Pastoral Health Ministry will continue to match those funds, providing that he/she uses the funds for his/her continuing education.

Give by mail

You may also send us your giving through the mail. If you have designated giving, please include where you would like to give in the memo line and mail to:
Church of God in Michigan
4212 Alpha Street
Lansing, Michigan 48910