General Assembly
of the Church of God
in Michigan

"equipping local congregations
to extend the Kingdom of God"

Do We Need a State Ministry?

Over the next two years our National Ministry will be restructuring. Some have questioned whether a State Ministry like the Church of God in Michigan is necessary. Some of the services provided to our Ministers, Spouses, Families, and Churches. I confess after serving our State for 17 years, I am unabashedly biased about what we do. Leaders across the state at some point will have to decide whether or not to agree with me. These services are available because our congregations across the state give to the State Ministry to support their fellow congregations and ministers across the State of Michigan. So here we go. What are those ministries the Church of God in Michigan provides?

  1. We provide Credentialing Services for all Church of God Ministers in Michigan
  2. We, through our relationship with Church of God Ministries, provide 501c3 coverage for all our congregations in Michigan
  3. We provide Leadership Training using Pastors' Institute yearly in January, We provide first and second level leadership training through the Institute for Servant Leadership. Our 360 Leadership Conference provides practical training for leaders in all realm of Church Service. About 500 persons attend this conference yearly.
  4. We provide support Service to Ministers and their families through Ministry to Ministers; providing professional Christian counseling for all family members under the minister's roof.
  5. We encourage education. Lifelong Learning Matching Funds provides help to our Pastors and Associates continuing their educational training. We have Endowment Support which enables Pastors to finish their Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate.
  6. We provide an array of coaching for Pastors and Churches who are not sure what to do next.
  7. We assist Congregations when they are in search for a new Pastor.
  8. We assist Pastors searching for their next ministry station.
  9. We provide professional support to Churches that need help developing youth and children's ministry.
  10. We provide written information, counsel, and coaching through digital newsletters like eAction and Weekly Pastoral Call.
  11. We provide hundreds of years of experience through our Regional Pastors, Children and Youth Ministry to support pastors and congregations across Michigan.
  12. We support Church Multiplications with our various partnerships with Healthy Growing Churches and other like entities.
  13. We have a proven plans to help churches that need to Turn Around and begin new life-cycles.
  14. We provide support for Ministry Wives through an annual Retreat.
  15. We provide counsel and direction for Church Governance. We cover Bylaws, Policies, Financial and Legal direction.
  16. We Celebrate. Every November leaders from congregations across Michigan come to rejoice in what God has done working though cooperative efforts.
  17. We provide pastors and lay leaders opportunities to serve beyond their local call to serve the Church both Regionally and Nationally.
  18. We are a catalyst for our congregations to work together. The tip of the spear is the local church. Our calling is to support and equip the local congregation to great things for God.

Board of Directors

The purpose of the Board of Directors is "to promote, coordinate and unify all the programs, plans, and finances of the ministries created by the Assembly."


Church Health Ministry

Works on ministries which will aid the local church in the success of its mission. This ministry will oversee such areas as:

  • Church Redevelopment and Restart

  • Coaching Clusters

  • Congregational Consultations

  • Health Plans for Churches

  • Institute for Servant Leadership

  • Leadership Training Events

  • New Church Development Endowment

  • New Church Development Initiatives

Church Health will explore and implement other ministries that it may deem beneficial to support the health and welfare of our local congregations.

Credentials Ministry

Works to recognize, train, and provide accountability to all professional clergy who serve the Church of God in Michigan. This ministry will oversee:

  • Licensing and Ordination of ministers

  • Ministerial Development

  • Recognition of Congregations

  • Yearbook Recognition

  • Clergy/Congregational Discipline

Credentials will work closely with Church of God national and state assemblies to provide consistency and integrity in credentialing for all ministers.

Pastoral Health Ministry

Works on ministries that will aid the pastor and his/her family in the success of their mission. This ministry will oversee such areas as:

  • Ministers Retreat

  • Lifelong Learning Matching Funds

  • Pastoral Counseling Assistance

  • Ministry Wives Retreat

  • The Ministry Renewal Endowment

  • The B. Gale Hetrick Endowment

Pastoral Health will explore and implement other ministries that it may deem beneficial to the pastoral family.

Youth Ministry

Works on ministries that will aid and strengthen our cooperative work with teens. This ministry will oversee:

And consult:

  • State Youth Choir

  • Youth Camping

Youth Ministry will continue to explore and implement ministry programs that aid youth, youth ministers (lay and professional) and youth ministries on the state and local level.


Audit Committee

Responsible for reviewing the annual Assembly audit.

Business Committee

Review all matters of business presented to the Assembly and initiate the presentation of all business necessary to the Assembly. Prepare a ballot for officers, members of any board, ministry or committee of the Assembly.

Personnel Committee

Review staff effectiveness and mediate staff disputes that cannot be resolved internally. Recommend to the Board of Directors staff salaries and benefits.

Program Committee

Assume responsibility for arranging/scheduling/planning the program of the General Assembly for mutual counsel, advice, and edification of Christian leadership.