General Assembly
of the Church of God
in Michigan

"equipping local congregations
to extend the Kingdom of God"

Credentials Ministry

Works to recognize, train, and provide accountability to all professional clergy who serve the Church of God in Michigan. This ministry will oversee:

Licensing and Ordination of ministers
Ministerial Development
Recognition of Congregations
Yearbook Recognition
Clergy/Congregational Discipline

Leadership Focus works closely with Church of God national and state assemblies to provide consistency and integrity in credentialing for all ministers.

Before applying for a Ministerial Credential, the applicant should evaluate these two requirements.

1. The Church of God in Michigan only credentials persons who are vocational ministers, or those who are doing equivalent work of a vocational minister.

2. There must be a need for professional credential. (Requirement to do one’s ministry in or outside of the Church).

The Church of God in Michigan does not credential Sunday School Teachers, Bible Study Leaders, Hospital Visitors or any other similar volunteer ministers.

The Ordination Process with the Church of God in Michigan is with Leadership Focus (Church of God Ministries, Anderson, Indiana) Leadership Focus Brochure, Leadership Focus Overview.

Please visit their Website: ( Click New Credentials Candidates Registration and select Michigan. The system will walk you through the rest. A note for your future financial planning: You must complete your payment of $275 before you are officially enrolled in the Leadership Focus module. A Zoom Orientation Meeting acquaints you with the process approximately a month prior to your starting date. An iPad or similar device with a camera is needed. During this time you will get to meet your Ordination and Licensing Team and other candidates who are entering the credentialing process.

Contact Goldie Kurtzhals, Director of Administration and Credentialing, with any questions,, 1-800-369-5890.