General Assembly
of the Church of God
in Michigan

"equipping local congregations
to extend the Kingdom of God"

Ministry to Ministers

Ministry to Ministers seeks to assist Church of God in Michigan ministers and their families with referral and funding for professional counseling services using a confidential source.

How is Confidentiality Assured?

Ministry to Ministers has spoken with all counseling agencies on the back of this brochure explaining the need for confidentiality and requesting the Service Center receive invoices with only a client number and no names.

Why do people call Ministry to Ministers?

People call about such matters as:

  • Marital or family conflict
  • Abuse: substance, alcohol, domestic, sexual, etc.
  • Depression, anxiety and other emotional concerns
  • Legal and financial difficulties
  • Work-related prolems
  • Addictions: pornography, sexual, etc.

Who can use Ministry to Ministers?

All Michigan Church of God ministers and members of their household living in Michigan may use Ministry to Ministers.

How do I contact Ministry to Ministers?

On the back of this brochure is a list of Christian Counseling Centers we approve is below. Make an appointment and show them your Church of God credentials card. They will invoice your insurance, have you pay the copay on the page opposite, and invoice us for the rest. They have been instructed to give us only a client number, protecting you with confidentiality.

If you choose a counselor who is not on our list have them call our office (800) 369-5890 and we will explain this program. Again, please ask them to not use your name so your counseling can remain confidential. It is critical that you have your Church of God credentials card.

What will Ministry to Ministers cost me?

There is a modest out-of-pocket fee for face-to-face counseling, based on household income.

  • $ 0 - 12,000 $ 5.00/session
  • $ 12,001 - 30,000 $ 10.00/session
  • $ 30,001 - 50,000 $ 15.00/session
  • $ 50,001 - $ 20.00/session

The counselor will invoice your insurance company for normal insurance coverage.

The counselor will invoice the Church of God in Michigan for the balance, up to $120 per session for up to twelve sessions.

Six more sessions may be granted at the request of the counselor.

What if I have need to call again?

You may contact Ministry to Ministers as often as needed.


Covenant Counseling; Terry and Sandra Lodico Midland (989) 835-8344

Christian Counseling Group Lee Haubert, LPC Lansing; (517) 699-1628, (517) 645-2049 (home)

Life Coach Psychology; Marilyn Strobel, MED, Mary Hui-Wee, PHD Susan Neuman Taylor, LMSW Donald Horner, MA Battle Creek (269) 883-6560

Jesse Soulia Flint (810) 732-6111

Samaritan Counseling Center; Paul Melrose, Barbara Lewis-Lakin, Nicholas Phillips Farmington Hills (248) 474-4701

Wellspring Counseling; Karen Massall, Sheryl Saylor John McPhail, Kathy Tate, Michelle Roberts East Lansing (517) 336-4335

Trinity Christian Counseling; Dr. Rita Huang, PhD, PsyD, M.A, M.Ed. East Lansing (517) 332-6300

Trinity Family Counseling Center; Tonya Ratliff, LPC, NCC, ACS Shelby Township (586) 254-3663

Sunrise Family Counseling; Thomas Shelder Traverse City (231) 645-3735