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General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan

Business Committee
2019 Ratifications

Dear General Assembly Member,

As the Business Committee of the General Assembly each year, we are responsible to provide a ballot to the Assembly for ratification. Each year we seek your help in finding quality leaders to guide the ministries of our State. The quality and effectiveness of any ministry is directly related to the abilities of its leaders. We are seeking gifted and passionate leaders to continue the important work of our cooperative ministries.

The General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan is a representative body made up of lay and clergy members from each of our congregations. Each year during our General Assembly, we ratify a Vice-Chair of the Assembly, and ratify leaders to each of the following: Church Health Ministry, Credentials Ministry, Pastoral Health Ministry, Youth Ministry, Audit Committee, Business Committee, Personnel Committee, and Program Committee. A brief job description for each of these ministries is online at micog.org/ministries. We would like recommendations of both lay and clergy persons who fit these positions. Please include a sentence or two explaining why you are recommending them. Be sure to include their name, address, phone, and email information. You may also recommend yourself, if you feel called and gifted for any of these positions. We are always looking for new leaders interested in serving beyond their local environment. You may respond to this request by mail or email. We will contact those you recommend to see if they are willing to be added to our pool of leadership candidates.

We meet May 1, 2018, to work on the nominations and need your recommendations to us no later than April 23, 2018. Thank you for your immediate attention to this vital task. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Service Center at (800) 369-5890 or email micog@micog.org.

Please note your 2017 General Assembly Minutes are included with the 'downloads and links'.

Thank you again for helping us serve the Church across Michigan!

Your co-Laborers in Christ,

Business Committee: Harold Lockley, Chair; Alruthus Dulin, Ron Nuckles, Mike Potter, Nathan Workman, William Jones, staff

Expiring Terms

Board of Directors

Chair: Joeli Ballard; Chair: Herbert Banks; Vice-Chair; Mary Hirakis, 2018-1

Church Health Ministry

David Colp, 2018-1; Robert Cooper, 2018-2

Credentials Ministry

Albert Grant, 2018-1; John Mellish, 2018-1

Pastoral Health Ministry

Fred Davey, 2018-1; Janell Robinson, 2018-1; Julie Wiseman, 2018-1

Youth Ministry

Kevin Perthuis, 2018-2; Alexandra Weeks, 2018-1

Audit Committee

Jerry Johnston, 2018-1

Business Committee

Harold Lockley, 2018-1

Personnel Committee

Doug Bittner, 2018-1; John Miller, 2018-1

Program Committee

Bob Confer, 2018-2; Robert Dulin, Jr., 2018-1; Ellsworth Jackson, 2018-1; Jim Sirks, 2018-1

Board of Directors

Joeli Ballard, Chair; Herbert Banks, Vice-Chair; Jeffery Salisbury, Secretary, Bill Ferguson, Lucius Hayward, Mary Hirakis, Doug Irving, Connie Mashue, John Mattern, Kevin Perthuis, Miosha Robinson, William Jones, Kristi Rhodes, ex-officio.

Assembly Ministries

Church Health Ministry

Bill Ferguson, Chair; Daniel Whiting, Vice-Chair; Robert Cooper, Secretary; David Colp, Jack Perkins, Tom Whitesel, James Sparks, staff.

Credentials Ministry

John Davey, Chair; Steve McDaniel, Vice-Chair, Dale Turner, Secretary, Albert Grant, Michael Harris, Michael Massey, John Mellish, William Jones, staff, Susan Sparks, ex-officio

Pastoral Health Ministry

John Mattern, Chair; Julie Wiseman, Vice-Chair; Fred Davey, Mary Lockley, Janell Robinson, Mary Shawl-Ranke, Sheryl Thompson, William Jones, staff.

Youth Ministry

Kevin Perthuis, Chair; James Bryde, Matthew Derby, Aaron Gross, Mark Staton, Alexandra Weeks. Ex-officio: Richard Forsman, Michigan Singers; Kelley Dendel, Warner Camp; Jerry Graham, MSLI; Matt Stone, YCTF; Connie Graham, Director of Youth Ministry, William Jones, staff.


Audit Committee

Melody Capsel, Jerry Johnston, Chris Walker, William Jones, staff.

Business Committee

Harold Lockley, Chair; Alruthus Dulin, Ron Nuckles, Michael Potter, Nathan Workman, William Jones, staff.

Michigan Student Leadership Institute (MSLI)

Jerry Graham, Chair; James Bryde, Ben Kreider, Jim Sirks, Connie Graham, Director of Youth Ministry, William Jones, staff.

Personnel Committee

Doug Bittner, John Miller, Paul Myers, Kimme Nuckles, Mike Stone, William Jones, staff.

Program Committee

Herbert Banks, Chair; Robert Confer, Robert Dulin, Ellsworth Jackson, Jim Sirks, William Jones, staff.

Youth Convention Task Force

Matt Stone, Chair; Caleb Eckman, Tori Eckman, Leo Robinson II, Jenny Salas, Jessica Staton, Dan Steenbergh, Heidi Steenbergh, Alexandra Weeks, Caleb Weeks, Connie Graham, Director of Youth Ministry, and William Jones, staff.

Youth Winter Retreat Task Force

Aaron Gross, Krystal Kotesky, Shelby Sandborn, and Connie Graham, Director of Youth Ministry

Downloads and Links

Recommendations Form

2017 General Assembly Minutes

Leadership Directory

Ministries and Committees

General Assembly Bylaws

Job Descriptions

2018 Board of Directors Executive Committee

Joeli Ballard

Mrs. Joeli Ballard, Chair
TriPoint Church of God, Mio

Dr. Herbert Banks, Vice-Chair
New Creation Church of God, Flint

Jeffery Salisbury, Secretary
New Horizons Community Church, Jackson

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