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Pastors' Institute

2018 Welcome from Dr. Jones

State Youth Winter Retreat

The State Youth Winter Retreat is changing locations this year and will be held at the beautiful Timber Wolf Lake Camp at Lake City, January 19-21, 2018. We will have awesome facilities for worship, recreation, lodging and dining.

All meals at Timber Wolf are served family-style and the dining hall large enough to host our entire group at one time. Young Life camps strongly emphasize serving one another, so we are required to provide kitchen work crew to help their staff with preparing and serving meals. These are adults in addition to counselors that come to be with the students. Kitchen crew stay at NO charge and the facilities where these adults stay are wonderful! Helping in this capacity allows adults the opportunity to see what happens at a winter retreat, but not be a one-on-one counselor, but serve the church in a wonderful way.

Would you like to help? The State Youth Ministry is offering this opportunity to individuals, Bible Study groups, etc., even if your youth are not attending this retreat. What a wonderful way to serve the youth of our Michigan Church of God congregations. You would be blessed, meet some wonderful people, and have fun for a weekend!

Who is Work Crew?

  • Work Crew serve as volunteers who work directly with the Timber Wolf Lake Food Service Staff as wait staff in the dining hall, assistant cooks in the kitchen or dishwashers. Work Crew provides a unique opportunity to serve campers and leaders during their time at Timber Work Lake.

A Few Reminders:

  • The Crew stay free of charge; meals and housing are provided with linens.
  • The Crew must be High School aged or older and must provide a completed guest consent release form.

Work Crew Responsibilities:

  • Upon Friday evening arrival, the Crew will meet with the Food Service Staff and be trained for the weekend. This will take a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Work Crew wait staff will serve for a minimum of 3-and-a-half hours per meal served in the dining hall. They will be responsible for setting tables, serving the meal to guests and cleaning after the meal.
  • Work Crew assistant cooks will be assigned AM PM shifts depending on the meals being served for the event. They will assist the Food Service team in preparing food throughout the retreat.
  • Work Crew dishwashers will serve a minimum of 3-and-a-half hours per meal. They will be responsible for cleaning dishes throughout the retreat.
  • Crew workers are expected to stay the entire retreat and may be required to work beyond hours listed above based on the needs of the guest group.
  • Work Crew folks should not attend the retreat as regular campers; their responsibilities in the dining hall will require the majority of their time. Please do not plan on Work Crew serving in other capacities throughout the weekend. The Work Crew Boss for the retreat will work directly with the Food Service Team to coordinate the Crew.
  • On departure day- the crew is required to assist the Food Service Team in cleaning the kitchen and dining hall areas. Adequate time should be allotted in order to complete these tasks before departure.

For more information, contact Connie Graham, Director of Youth Ministry (989) 835-9262; cell 989 600-0339

Register now for State Youth Winter Retreat.

Mission Trips for 2018

Mission Trip to Guatemala

January 22-February 3, 2018

  • Cost of the trip is $1500, This includes all expenses while in Guatemala including food, Lodging and travel. (Bring money for Souvenirs)
  • We will be working with the Church of God Guatemala national leader Isai Calderon Jr.
  • We will be doing construction and VBS style activities with the children of the Church we are working with as well as visiting other Church of God Congregations.

For More information please contact Floyd Tuttle at or (616) 581-8594

Mission Trip to Haiti

March 21-29, 2018

Upcoming preview of 2018 trip plans for House of Blessings: Orphanage

  • project to be determined
  • cost is approximately $1500.00
  • looking for 10 persons

For more information contact Tony Casey at 989-330-9183 or

Mission Team to Kampala, Uganda

We (Eagle Ridge Church of God and Sears Church of God) would like to invite those who are interested in serving on a mission team going to Kampala, Uganda to join us on August 5-19, 2018. The cost of the trip is approximately $2,850 and includes airfare along with food and lodging while in country. A current passport and VISA from the Uganda Embassy in Washington, DC are required. A deposit of $300 is needed by the end of January, 2018 to secure your spot on this adventure in ministry. If interested, please contact Julie Wiseman ( or Scott McDonald ( by January 15, 2018.

Exponential East 2018 and HGC Pre Conference Registration Open

In April of 2017, we hosted our first Pre-Conference at Exponential East. It was exciting to see you all in person, learn with you, eat with you, and gather together as a network. We are excited to announce that we are once again hosting a pre-conference at Exponential East 2018.

On February 26th and 27th, HGC is hosting a Pre-Conference and then attending the Exponential East Conference. We reserved 100 tickets specifically for persons attending the HGC Gathering and Exponential.

Don't miss out on our special group rate, available only to the HGC network:
Exponential East ($99) +
HGC Pre Conference ($59) = $ 158.00
Spouse Exponential East ($29) +
HGC Pre Conference ($59) = $ 88.00

We look forward to seeing you in February!

360 Leadership Conference

“This is the best practical ministry leadership conference anywhere, and it is the least expensive for the Church.” If you are looking for ways to strengthen your leaders and make them better at their ministry, then this conference should be first on your list of priorities!!

Man To Man - Men’s Retreat 2018

March 16-18, 2018| Speaker: Jim Lyon | Lincoln Lake Camp

Join us for the chance to get together, have a blast, eat well and learn what it means to live like a real man! The doors open at Noon on Friday with a March Madness viewing lounge (food provided). We’ll serve dinner at 5:30 p.m. and begin our weekend together around worship and the word. We are cooking enough food to kill a regular man. We are also planning enough activities to keep all interest levels moving and refreshed. Do not miss this opportunity to connect with men from your church and around the state.

Information and Registration: Rev. Matt Stone, (616) 232-5520

Wesleyan/Holiness Women Clergy Conference

The 2018 WHWC Conference is scheduled for April 12-15, 2018 at the beautiful YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

The Wesleyan/Holiness Women Clergy conference is a professional conference designed to strengthen, encourage and equip women called to Christian ministry. This conference is an opportunity for you to connect to God and others through experiential worship, networking, inspirational preaching, and educational tracks.

Christian Women Connection


On April 27 and 28, 2018, our state convention speaker will be Pastor Mary Stephens, former national CWC Ministry Coordinator. Mark your calendar for this great event.

Connie Mashue, Michigan State CWC President

New Creation School of Leadership-Graduation Class

The New Creation School of Leadership honored its very first five graduates on November 5, 2017. The following students became the first graduating class: Ms. Felicia Watson, Valedictorian, Mr. David Bowers, Evangelist Sandra Patton, Minister Lutullus Penton, and the Reverend Wendell Thompson all completed the requirements to graduate from the School of Leadership with a Bible Leadership Certificate.

Officiating the graduation was Dr. Herbert Banks, senior pastor of New Creation Church of God and the founder of New Creation School of Leadership. The graduates wore their caps and gowns to the 11:00 am service at New Creation Church of God, where the school takes place. Four of the five graduates attend New Creation as their home church.

During the service, Dr. John Miller gave a congratulatory blessing to the graduates by video. Dr. Miller is one of the professors who teaches at the school.

During the service, Felicia Watson, the Valedictorian, gave the address to her fellow graduates and congregation. She expressed her appreciation for the affordability of the school, as well as being able to continue working while attending classes. She expressed the desire to, “Shine the light of Christ brightly.” Upon interviewing Felicia after the service, she told me her hardest class was Introduction to Church Management, taught by Dr. Miller. Felicia said that the class was not just learning the material, but learning, processing, and applying what she learned, not just as a layperson, but how she would apply the material as a deacon, elder, or pastor. Felicia is seeking God as to how she will use her certificate. She said it is yet to be determined.

Reverend Thompson, the only graduate not a member of New Creation, has been pastoring a church for the past six years. He loved the Conflict Resolution class, and took away that, “Love conquers all.” He also enjoyed the public speaking class. This class reassured Reverend Thompson of his ministry calling.

Evangelist Sandra Patton admitted that Pastor Banks and Dr. Hickson really pushed her forward. She began to be stirred. Dr. Hickson encouraged her to stick to it and be dedicated to completing what she started.

Sandra really enjoyed the Officiating at Weddings and Funerals class. She said, “Marrying the unchurched, non-Christian couples is a wonderful opportunity to reach them for Christ, as well as, their unchurched, unbelieving friends. As a minister, I must counsel couples as to what scripture says and encourage them to obey God. Marriage is a divine institution for the entire human race, not just Christian (Genesis 2:24). God’s grace wants to bless unbelievers as well as believers.”

Sandra is considering a nursing or jail ministry in the future.

David Bowers said that Pastor Banks was his mentor and kept him on track. Pastor Banks encouraged David daily in everything he needed to do. He learned of God’s Providence—His hand and His will on our life. God has a plan for all of us. We need to search out our plan.

One of David’s goals upon graduation is to “Preach some”. He wants to bring out things in the Bible you may not see when you are reading it.

Minister Penton said the school deepened relationships and the students learned to really love each other. Without love, it doesn’t matter. We are just a clanging symbol.

Minister Penton said the class of the Book of Acts challenged him. He said, “There were many details required to pass the test, very specific details. It was eye opening learning how the first church was launched.” Minister Penton said Dr. Miller was his favorite teacher, expressing that Dr. Miller had a good sense of humor and was an open book, completely transparent. He also expressed the school’s value to ministry. “The things they focused on are crucial to good ministry,” he stated. Minister Penton also declared about the school, “We are more equipped in making disciples now.”

The NCC School of Leadership’s mission is “Educating for Eternity.” It was the vision of Pastor Herbert Banks, senior pastor at New Creation Church of God in Flint, Michigan to provide a school for students of all backgrounds who want to serve in the local church. “It is a practical school for those who want to be more effective serving God, in ministry, and helping to expand the Kingdom of God.” New classes begin January 4, 2018. For more information, please refer to the website,

This article was written by Kathy Gomez. She is a member of New Creation Church of God.

Good Book on Evangelism

A lot of pastors talk about it and remind others that we’re going to get around to it, but precious few do it. But Kevin Spencer actually did it. Kevin’s passion is talking about Jesus. And “passion” is the correct word. When it comes to witnessing, Kevin’s like a Grizzly Bear during salmon spawning. He is actively working at catching as many “fish” as pass his way.

Kevin’s book, Practical Application of Evangelism / Witnessing 101, is the result of years of training and experiences in congregations and on the mission field of society. Nurtured by pastors such as Jim Harvey, Herb Banks and Jerry Hickson, Rev. Spencer now pastors First Church of God in Monroe, Michigan.

Kevin will be happy to give you a copy of his book IF you give him $6.00 (US). His book is easy to read and apply, would make an excellent study book for groups, and will make a huge difference in how believers approach this importance task.

To obtain one or more copies, contact: Rev. Kevin Spencer
2121 S. Custer Road, Monroe, Michigan 48161-9726