General Assembly
of the Church of God
in Michigan

"equipping local congregations
to extend the Kingdom of God"

William Jones

Rev. Dr. William Jones

Christmas Greetings

One of the most beautiful of all Christmas stories was told by the American poet, Edwin Markhan, about a cobbler, a godly man who made shoes in the old days. One night the cobbler dreamed that the next day Jesus was coming to visit him. The dream seemed so real that he got up very early the next morning and hurried to the woods, where he gathered green boughs to decorate his shop for the arrival of so great a Guest.

He waited all morning, but to his disappointment, his shop remained quiet except for an old man who limped up to the door asking to come in for a few minutes of warmth. While the man was resting, the cobbler noticed that the old fellow's shoes were worn through. Touched, the cobbler took a new pair from his shelves and saw to it that the stranger was wearing them as he went on his way.

Throughout the afternoon the cobbler waited, but his only visitor was an elderly woman. He had seen her struggling under a heavy load of firewood, and he invited her, too, into his shop to rest. Then he discovered that for two days she had had nothing to eat; he saw to it that she had a nourishing meal before she went on her way.

As night began to fall, the cobbler heard a child crying outside his door. The child was lost and afraid. The cobbler went out, soothed the youngster's tears and, with the little hand in his, took the child home.

When he returned, the cobbler was sad. He was convinced that while he had been away he had missed the visit of his Lord. Now he lived through the moments as he had imagined them: the knock, the latch lifted, the radiant face, the offered cup. He would have kissed the hands where the nails had been, washed the feet where the spikes had entered. Then the Lord would have sat and talked to him.

In his anguish, the cobbler cried out, "Why is it, Lord, that Your feet delay? Have you forgotten that this was the day?"

Then, soft in the silence a voice he heard:

"Lift up your heart for I kept My word.
Three times I came to your friendly door;
Three times My shadow was on your floor.
I was the man with the bruised feet;
I was the woman you gave to eat
I was the child on the homeless street".

This Christmas, the Lord will visit you with similar opportunities. Watch for Him!

Rev. Dr. William H. Jones, State Pastor

Dear Friends,

The Church of God in Michigan’s purpose is to equip local congregations to extend the Kingdom of God. We have done our best this year to provide the spiritual, financial, and emotional support you have needed to accomplish the work of the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your kind and generous support to our cooperative work!! We are accomplishing great things together.

From all of us at the Service Center we wish you a blessed and fulfilling Christmas Season:
Bill, Mark, Goldie, Becky, Jerry, Connie, Dave, Jim, and John

Christian Women Connection

On October 10–13, I was privileged to attend the Christian Women’s Connection Convention held in Myrtle Beach S.C. The National Council met the day before. What an honor to work with ladies from all over the United States. The next evening was the starting meeting of the convention. What a great time of worshiping, learning and fellowship with ladies from around the world. One meeting I enjoyed attending was the Mission luncheon. We got to see some of our missionaries and learn from them, too.

The General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan was on November 1st and 2nd. This year was special because our State Pastor, Rev. Dr. Bill Jones, will be retiring and this was his last Assembly. We were introduced to our new State Pastor, Rev. Mark Richardson. It was an honor to represent the CWC of Michigan at this special meeting.

Now I would like to bring your attention to the Christ's Birthday Observance package that all CWC Presidents and Pastors received a month ago. Please look them over because they have good material for you to use. One thing I would like to point out is Project Prayer. This is a prayer vigil for 25 days. Michigan's day is Dec. 7th along with Connecticut, Oklahoma, Canada, Indonesia and Northern Mariana Islands. There is more details. Just look it over. The Christ Birthday offering is the climax of this time of remembering Christ's Birthday. By the way, this is the largest offering of the Church of God.

Dates to mark on the calendar:

April 24–25, 2020 – State CWC Convention at Holiday Inn, Midland

Connie Mashue, CWC State President

Youth Winter Retreat
"Fully Known"

January 10-12, 2020

Timber Wolf Lake, Lake City, Michigan

adam rentas

Adam Rentas, Speaker

Student Ministries Pastor at First Church of God in St. Joeseph, Michigan


Our upcoming January 11-21, 2020 BMWC group has 15 participants from Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, and Florida. I still may be able to make room for a few more last-minute signups. Contact me if interested, and I’ll see what I can do.

Vision Ministries


January 11-21, 2020 | Silver Sands Church of God

Silver Sands

Cost: $1,100 plus airfare

This BMWC will include:

  • Life together with the Bajan people
  • Work on the new Silver Sands Church
  • Worship and fellowship with the church people
  • Lodging at the Round Rock Apartments by the Sea
  • Final three nights at the Divi Southwinds Beach Resort
  • Three days of free time on the island
  • Basking in the warm, breezy, tropical Barbados climate
  • Life-changing experiences

---Limited to 20 people---

**Register early and reserve your spot**

Mission trip to Guatemala- January 24-February 1, 2020

Mission Trip to Belize- February 22-29, 2020

The cost for each trip is $1500 per person and this will include airfare and all expenses once there including food, lodging and transportation . You will need money for souvenirs and offerings at church services. A Passport is required.

Both trips will most likely involve some Church construction and working with children so there should be something for everyone.

The Belize trip will be less "Rustic" as far as accommodation and food.

If you would like more information or if you would like to serve with us please contact me as soon as possible.

Floyd Tuttle, Greenville First Church of God, Greenville, Michigan

(616) 581-8594,

An Internship Opportunity Through Global Strategy And Spread The Word!

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

This two-week discipleship training is designed to connect students with cross-cultural learning and ministry engagement.

A.One.8 Training Highlights:

  • Cross-cultural ministry
  • Life in community
  • The Global Church
  • Hands on learning

Ages: Juniors in high school (at least 16 years of age) or older

Cost: $2,000 (estimated)

Registration Deadline: January 25, 2020

Event Date: July 6-20, 2020

NEW SCHEDULING! A.One.8 will now be held as a post-IYC mission experience for students with a passion for missions! Participants will leave directly from IYC in Orlando to go to training at Lake Wales, followed by an international experience in Costa Rica (location to be confirmed). This is a competitive program, with chosen applicants participating in an interview process.

Space is limited. Contact us at for more information.

Exponential 2020

HGC Pre-Conference + Exponential 2020

Registration is Open!

March 2nd-5th, 2020, join us in Orlando, Florida for Exponential Conference. Exponential tickets are already on sale for this life-changing event, and we want to remind you that we have pre-purchased a block of tickets for YOU. These tickets will cover our Pre-Conference and the Main Conference with all of the workshops together. Start planning your trip to Orlando, Florida today!

Exponential East Registration ($99) + HGC Pre-Conference ($59) $158.00
Spouse Exponential East Registration ($59) + HGC Pre-Conference ($59) $118.00

360 Ministry Leadership Conference

March 14, 2020

South Church, Lansing, Michigan

WHWC 2020

Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy (WHWC) Conference 2020

Are you ready for the Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy (WHWC) Conference March 12-15, 2020 in Ridgecrest, NC? Come be inspired by speakers like Danielle Strickland, Jennifer A. Guerra Aldana, and Kristy Hinds with Anomalous Day leading worship. There will be workshops and networking opportunities with other women in ministry. Whether you are exploring your ministry call or a seasoned pastor, plan to join us. You will be encouraged and enriched! Find out more at

Ordination of Rev. April Crump

April Crump

Rev. Dr. Bill Jones and Rev. April Crump

April Crump was ordained to Christian Ministry Sunday November 17, 2019. Dr. Jones brought the message and Dr. John Davey prayed the prayer of ordination. Rev. Mark Richardson anointed April and was joined by a large number of Ministers from across the state and from Indiana, as we laid on hands and dedicated Rev. Crump to a life of ministry. The Millington Church of God hosted the event. Daryl Babcock brought words of encouragement and commendation from the congregation. Congratulations Rev. Crump.
- Rev. Dr. William Jones, State Pastor

Our Michigan Churches seeking Pastors:

  • Beaverton, Beaverton Church of God –
  • Three Rivers, First Church of God –

Interested? Contact Dr. Jones, State Pastor. (800) 369-5890