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September 2022
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Rev. Mark Richardson

Romans 12:18 (NIV)
18 If it is possible, as much as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Hebrews 12:14 (NIV)
14 Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

I thought about writing a book a few years ago when my children were teenagers and in their early twenties. The title of the book would have been, “Yes, I Know; Yes, You’re right, But…” If you have parented a teenager, you probably could have written the book yourself. They always seem to know what to do, and they seem to know what you tell them is right, but they always have reasons that led them to making the wrong decisions. Lest we are too hard on them, there are two things we need to remember. First, we were young once, and if we dust off the cobwebs, we can hear our parents lamenting our “reasoned, yes I know and yes, you’re right, but…” Second, scripture is full of things that we know are right, and we sometimes find ourselves adding “but” to reason to ourselves why we can get away without following them. After all, if that other person had not said or done what he or she did… It’s all their fault, and when they humble themselves and come and apologize in tears, then we can talk! Have you ever found yourself on either side of comments like that? I have on both

The two scriptures above have resonated in my spirit for years, and I know they are in the Word of God, and I know that they are right. I do everything I can to make sure that I don’t add the conditional “but.” We are commanded in God’s Word to attempt to live at peace with everyone, as much as it depends on us. The writer of Hebrews exhorts us to make every effort to live at peace with everyone, and to be holy so that we will see the Lord. There is no room in those exhortations for contingencies on our part. We must do all we can, as much as it depends on us. What a challenge to us, because it really puts the onus on us to exhaust every effort we can to be at peace with everyone. Now, in reality, there are those people that just don’t want to live at peace with us, but that is on them. It is on them only if we have exhausted every effort! If not, God doesn’t let us off the hook.

The difficulty of this challenge is that it includes people in several categories:

People with whom we have had conflicts
People who have said or done things to hurt us, our families, or our churches
People who are not easy to get along with
People who don’t have our best interests at heart
People with whom we disagree politically, doctrinally, and socially
People who don’t look like us ethnically or racially
Etc., Etc., Etc… There are no exceptions

How then do we respond to this challenge? Are we willing to live out this Biblical mandate? Are we willing to humble ourselves and do what God requires, even when it might take every ounce of our fiber to make the overtures of peacemaking? To begin we must remember that we are to pursue Christlikeness. He went to the cross to bring full pardon for sin and death, dying in our place. Because of Him, everyone who comes to Him and receive Him as Savior and submit to Him as Lord can be fully forgiven and set free from death’s curse. He made every effort, as much as it depended on Him (and it all did) to pursue peace with everyone. He went so far as to make peace between humanity and God through His atoning sacrifice, destroying the enmity that stood between us and God. By doing so, He brought us peace with God so that we could have the peace of God that goes beyond comprehension. And this peace, if we are willing to make every effort for it, will indeed guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (as the Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4).

Friends, as I write this to you, I am aware of situations across the great State of Michigan, and beyond, where brother and sisters in the Lord are at odds with each other. Relationships in the church, in our families, and in the community are broken and need the restoration of peace. We have been given the gift of peace with God and access to the peace of God. It is up to us to be the ones that make every effort to live at peace with everyone. Ask yourself, if you find yourself at odds with anyone, or your church is at odds with others in your community, have I done everything I could do to live at peace with everyone around me? Even if you feel that the other person or group is in the wrong, have you made every effort, as much as it depend on you, to live at peace with them? Remember, our mandate is to be like Christ, and it pleases Him when we give it our all.

I want to encourage you to do three things to press into this:

1. Pray fervently for the Lord to give you the desire, the wisdom, and the open door to make the overtures necessary to pursue peace.
2. Pray fervently for those with whom you are at odds that God will indeed bless them to desire to make peace as well.
3. Take every step in obedience that the Lord reveals to you, and don’t allow resistance to stop you from making every effort. This will most surely lead to confession, repentance, forgiveness, and other heat wrenching and challenging steps. Yet, it is worth it to experience the blessing of God’s fruit of peace.

Trust me, the devil doesn’t want it to happen, but God does. The Lord will prevail with your earnest and committed effort. It is hard work, but the effort is worth the success. My Pastor and Mentor, Rev. Dr. Ronald J. Fowler, long-term Senior Pastor of the Arlington Church of God in Akron, OH, lives by and encourages others to live by a three step process for success.

1. Aim High
2. Pay the Price
3. Stay the Course

It worked for him throughout his life and ministry, and it will work for us as we desire to make every effort, as much as it depends on us to live at peace with everyone. By the way, this is a very key part of living holy, which will allow us to see the Lord. I pray that the Lord will bless us with the powerful blessings of His reconciling power.

With love and prayer for you,
Rev. Mark K. Richardson, State Pastor

Church of God Ministries, The Church of God in Michigan, and several other states have entered into a partnership with a group called the Full Strength Network. As most of our pastors and ministers know, we have offered the Ministry to Ministers Program through our Pastoral Health Team for years. Many of our ministers have utilized its counseling support resources over the years. In particular, the challenges of the past several years have greatly impacted the mental health and vitality of our ministers, and the counseling has been helpful. The Full Strength Network offers a significantly less expensive and much richer opportunity for not only counseling, but coaching and support resources for our pastors and ministers. The Church of God in Michigan, through the Pastoral Health Ministry Team, has purchased 10 licenses for our credentialed pastors and ministers, and spouse or teen living within the home. It included online access to fully accredited counselors and coaches in a fully confidential manner. There is no cost to you for these excellent resources. You simply need to fill out the registration form and they will follow up with you to begin providing you with excellent ministry service. The website for the Full Strength Network and The Church of God in Michigan Registration links are listed below. Please take the time to see what great offerings they have for you at no cost to you, and register. You will be glad you did.

Rev. Tom Planck

In summer of 2012, the regional pastors from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and a few other interested Church of God leaders gathered in a conference room in Fishers, Indiana. The purpose of the conversation was to explore the idea of a partnership that could potentially accelerate church multiplication in the Midwest.

One conversation turned into two. And by the end of a third conversation, the Midwest Multiplication Initiative was born! Healthy Growing Churches joined the partnership at its inception and Tom Planck was appointed to be a co-catalyst alongside the regional pastors to spark a multiplication conversation in the Midwest.

It was our hunch that if we could get pastors in circles having the right conversation we would get movement, movement toward multiplication.

So that is exactly what we did.

We launched multiple cohorts to get leaders from all over the Midwest exploring multiplication thinking. Dozens of cohorts have been started and hundreds of pastors have participated in one of these learning communities since 2014. We started an annual gathering in Lima, Ohio so we had one full day each year where pastors from the Midwest could deep dive on what it might look like for their church to multiply. Hundreds of midwest pastors have gathered in Lima since 2014. We hosted several Discovery Days in hopes that other potential multipliers and established churches would say yes to launching something new.

Every year of the partnership we have leveraged the gift that is the Exponential conference and community. Hundreds of Midwest pastors have attended the national Orlando event or the Chicagoland regional. Beyond that, Exponential’s vast library of resources has helped us build a common language that is also empowering us to continue to build a multiplication culture in the region.

A few years into our partnership, it became painfully obvious that we had been challenging churches to multiply on a macro level (churches that launch new multiplication ventures), but we had very few churches that were multiplying on a micro level (disciples that make disciples).

We knew we had to pivot and we did.

In 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, we launched Mission 120. Our goal was to raise up and resource 120 disciple making churches in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

It took us a couple waves of cohorts, but we finally have at least 120 churches in the region in the various staging of building and constructing their disciple making pathway. The results has been hundreds, maybe even north of a thousand new disciples made!

It is hard to believe that it has been a full decade since that first conversation. We have learned a lot in the past ten years. We have also accomplished a great deal beyond what is mentioned above.

It is beyond exciting to see the growing number of churches in the region who are fully engaged in answering the pressing question of what it will look like for their church to multiply. We believe we are approaching a tipping point that will fuel our multiplication vision for the years to come.

We have launched twenty-eight multiplication ventures since the partnership began! We have launched new churches, several multisite campuses, a network of missional communities, and even the regions first Fresh Expression of church.

We are also thrilled to announce we have added Illinois Ministries to the Midwest Multiplication Initiative. We are excited to have Eric Livingston as a partner and look forward to the many ways we will see the church multiply in Illinois!

As we prepare for our eleventh year of partnership, conversations are happening to forecast where God is leading us in our developing multiplication story. We are convinced that we are at the bottom of the J curve and fully anticipate an acceleration of what God has in store for our future.

Find a seat on the bus. Link arms with others. It is going to be a fun ride!

           Photos from our Lima Event held in August 2022.

Lima Event 2022
Lima Event 2022
Lima Event 2022
Lima Event 2022
Lima Event 2022
Connect Church

We want to thank you for your prayers and support of the launch of Connect Church in Big Rapids, under the leadership of Rev. Mark and Heather Robb. The launch service took place on Saturday, September 17, and was a wonderful beginning of what we pray will be a powerfully successful church in that area. Please continue to pray for Pastor Mark, Heather, the leadership, and the success of Connect Church. If you are able and want to contribute to their ministry, you can do so through their website:

Lighthouse Community Church

On Sunday, September 18, the Lighthouse Community Church of God in Redford, Michigan celebrated their 100th Anniversary as a congregation. It began with three faithful women praying, which led to the Wisconsin Avenue Church of God in Detroit. Through many years of ministry, challenges and a relocation to the Redford Community, the church has been impacting lives for Jesus Christ for 100 years. In the picture you see State Pastor Mark Richardson, State Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Dr. Bill Jones, and Pastor Dale Turner at the Celebration Luncheon. Please keep this great congregation in your prayers as they seek to do significant outreach for Jesus Christ in their community.

A special thank you from Min. Sharon Richardson to all those who served, ministered to us, and participated in the Ministry Wives Retreat during the weekend of September 16-18, at the St. Francis Retreat Center in Dewitt. It was a wonderful time of prayer, ministry, fellowship, food, fun, and refreshing. We look forward to next year’s retreat, and we are hoping that if you didn’t get a chance to join us, that you will next year. More details of the event will be coming your way in the future. We also want to invite all of our Ministry Wives to join us at the General Assembly Meeting for a Ministry Wives Tea during the Friday Morning General Assembly Session. Rev. Dr. Kimberly Majeski will be sharing during this time.

Ministry Wives Retreat 2022
Ministry Wives Retreat 2022
Ministry Wives Retreat 2022
Ministry Wives Retreat 2022
Ministry Wives Retreat 2022
Ministry Wives Retreat 2022
Ministry Wives Retreat 2022

Ready, set, Berean!

Join us for Berean Fellowship Conference 2022, October 5-7, 2022 in Columbus! Early Bird tickets are now available!

The Berean Fellowship Conference is back for 2022 featuring our Presiding Prelate Bishop Timothy J. Clarke and special guests Bishop Pat McKinstry, Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Rudolph Mckissick Jr.

We're excited to offer in-person attendance and also a hybrid admission where you can participate in-person AND virtually. We've got a special conference planned for you. Register today to save your spot!

For more information & preferred hotel accommodations, please visit:

We hope you're able to join us!

The Church of God in Michigan is a supporter of the Berean Fellowship of Churches Leadership Conference. For any of our Senior Pastors who plan to attend the conference at the First Church of God City of Refuge in Columbus, Ohio, we will reimburse your registration costs for the event. You simply need to send us an email copy of your receipt for the registration and we will reimburse you.


Connie Graham, Director of Youth Ministry (989-600-0339)

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The main work project will be painting the entire inside lower level of the new Silver Sands Church of God church building.

Life together with the Bajan people
Worship/fellowship with the church people
Island tour
Lodging at Round Rock Apartments by the Sea
Final three nights at the Divi Southwinds Beach Resort for R&R
Life-changing experiences
Limited to 20 people

58 people from Michigan Church of God congregations have participated in our BMWCs through the years.

View our YouTube BMWC Video

Contact Jim Walters at Vision Ministries.

learn more

Perhaps your congregation is in need of professional, Christian mediation concerning conflict. Perhaps your church could benefit from training in Crucial Conversations and how to share even difficult information with others without doing damage. We can help with that through Rev. Chris Cottrell, who is very well trained and experienced in helping churches through these difficult challenges. His information and contacts are included below. Another good thing to keep in mind is that Chris is a native Michigander, and he always loves to come back home.

Placeholder Image
Rev. Dr. Christopher Cottrell

Contact: Rev. Dr. Christopher Cottrell, (937) 621-2162

learn more
Detroit, Church of God of Detroit
Detroit, Metropolitan Church of God
Grass Lake, Family Worship Center
Ithaca, First Church of God
Livonia, Riverside Park Church of God
Monroe, First Church of God
Sears, Sears Church of God
Sterling Heights, Hope Crossing

Contact - Rev. Mark K. Richardson, State Pastor

Church of God of Detroit | Detroit, Michigan
New Position - Emerging Generation Pastor

Position Overview the Emerging Generation Pastor will be a champion for children, youth, young adults, and their families as a part of the larger community and ministry of the Church of God of Detroit. It is this pastor's responsibility to direct, encourage, and oversee the various ministries connected to her/his position.

Align Ministries
Develop Leaders
Give oversight to the formation of leaders in the emerging generation ministries

Working Relationships
The Emerging Generation Pastor is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.
The Emerging Generation Pastor is a member of the ministry staff/team.

Personal Attributes
Follower of Jesus • Evidence of a personal relationship and commitment to Christ.
Teacher • Able to communicate effectively one on one, as well as in small and large group settings.

Accreditation by, Ordination or willingness to enter the process of being ordained accredited by, the Church of God Anderson Board of Ministerial Standards and Education. • Ability to think strategically and creatively. • Administrative and organizational skills. Be a part of the Emerging Generation.

$15.000 to $18.000. This is a part-time position. Salary and benefits will be determined based on the experience and education of the successful candidate and in line with current recommendations contained in the by-laws.

For more detailed information, please contact

Family Worship Center | Grass Lake, Michigan
Pastor - Job Description

Family Worship Center (FWC) is seeking a lead pastor. Started in 1989, we are located in Grass Lake, Michigan which is about 20-25 miles west of Ann Arbor home of the University of Michigan.

The Lead Pastor shall serve as the shepherd, teacher, and leader of the congregation providing biblical vision and leadership for the congregation. S/he shall work with the Governance Board, staff, leaders, and congregation to oversee the congregations various ministries, establishing goals and direction. The Lead Pastor may, with leadership consultation, delegate specific duties or authority as s/he deems appropriate.

Duties and Responsibilities

proclaim the Word of God through preaching and teaching
provide leadership and vision
work with the Governing Board developing plans and programs for spiritual and numerical growth of the congregation
lead the congregation into being witnesses of Christ in their community
care for the congregation in times of personal crisis
personally lead a circumspect life in his/her personal life
participate with the Church of God at a local, state, and national level
promote Church of God conventions, trainings, and other services to the local congregation

First Church of God | Monroe, Michigan
Pastor - Job Description

The Pastor shall serve as the chief under-shepherd and overseer of this local Church, feeding, leading and nurturing the flock. The Pastor's main responsibilities will be to communicate God's Word, minister to spiritual needs and provide spiritual leadership to the Church.

Minimum Training and Experience:

A Bachelor's Degree and/or previous training experience in ministry which would qualify a person to lead and administer a Church of God, Anderson, Indiana congregation.

Special Requirements:

Personal conversion and call to pastoral ministry
Licensed and ordained as a minister of the Gospel in the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana. (or able to pursue licensing and ordination)
Spiritual integrity and maturity
An ability and willingness to share Christ, and disciple others
Good human relations skills
An ability to inspire and motivate others
The ability to communicate through the preaching ministry
A proven love for the fellowship of the local church
The desire and ability to enter into the struggles and deep concerns of the local congregation

Duties and Responsibilities:

To proclaim the Word of God through the preaching ministry in a clear and understandable way
To provide leadership and vision for the church, and to develop plans and programs for the spiritual and numerical growth of the church
To motivate, equip and nurture the congregation through personal example, preaching, teaching and personal counseling as qualified
To spend significant time in prayer and personal study of the Word of God
To facilitate regular contact/visitation of church families, including crisis, marital and spiritual counseling as qualified
To officiate at Weddings, Funerals and other significant events
To oversee church discipline and manage conflict in the church; to seek to reconcile damaged relationships and to promote unity in the Body of Christ
To plan and participate in evangelism efforts through preaching, invitations during Worship services, revivals and other services and outreach efforts
To manage his/her finances with integrity so as not to bring reproach upon the church
To chair all business meetings (regular and special called) of the church
To work with all Boards and standing and special committees in the accomplishing of their respective duties
To lead in the observance of all ordinances of the church
To cooperate with local, state and national church leaders in matters of mutual interests and concerns; to represent the local congregation in spiritual, social and civic matters

The Pastor will be permitted (2)two weeks of paid vacation
Resumes may be sent to our State Pastor, Rev. Mark Richardson.

Clarkston Community Church | Clarkston, Michigan
Worship and Communications Director/Pastor - Job Description

Purpose: The Worship and Communication Director/Pastor (WCD  The title is dependent on qualifications) will be tasked with the development, management, and execution of a successful, integrated worship, marketing, and communication strategy for Clarkston Community Church. The chosen candidate will work with employees and volunteers to develop content and coordinate all marketing and communication plans.

Accountability: Reports to the Executive Pastor and works closely with Senior Pastor. Responsible for coordinating with staff members about all church events. Responsible for communicating with church ministry leads for event promotion planning. Responsible for leading all digital church and worship ministry teams.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities (Not comprehensive):

Worship Arts

Run weekly rehearsals.
Oversee and develop programs and personnel for all worship teams, choirs, and tech teams.
Sunday service and special service planning and execution.
Interview, audition, and approve qualifications for all new vocalists, instrumentalists, or participants utilized in worship services or events at CCC.
Selection of music and creative elements for each Sunday.
Team follow-ups for encouragement.
Weekly set-up of Proclaim.
CCLI Management.
Direct, run, and schedule worship teams.
Manage worship subscriptions and technology.


(Please note: The WCD doesn't have to do all of these things themselves but can recruit and oversee volunteers who do them)


Communication Strategy/Plan - Develop and implement a communication strategy to inform congregation members and our community about key events at Clarkston Community Church
Story Telling - Coordinate and develop content to inspire the congregation and community to follow Jesus
Communication Gatekeeper:
Be the gatekeeper for all communications inside and outside the church including such things as:
- Weekly eNewsletter (Communicator)
- Social Media Accounts
- Weekly Bulletin
- Website
- On-stage ministry highlights
Work with external organizations to communicate our message to the community (Clarkston News etc)
Lead the Communication Team that includes CCC employees and volunteers


Branding - Lead the development and implementation of the brand strategy for CCC
Social - Manage and maintain the social accounts for the church (Facebook, Instagram etc) including creating and posting content
Website - Manage the Clarkston Community Church website:
- Develop long term strategy, content, roadmaps and metrics for
- Ensure content is accurate and current
- Ensure the site is working properly
To spend significant time in prayer and personal study of the Word of God
To facilitate regular contact/visitation of church families, including crisis, marital and spiritual counseling as qualified


Video-produce/create inspirational and informative videos to be used during service and on our website/social platforms.
Graphics-Develop graphics to be used on our communication tools (eNewsletter, series and event slides, social media, etc). Experience in Photoshop and Publisher, or their equivalent required.
In-house Printing-Design and print the weekly bulletin and any other announcements or communications that are needed

Required Qualifications and Minimum Skills:

- Bachelor's degree in worship from a Bible college or seminary with a minor in communication (Experience can be substituted for the minor).
- Musical Competency
- Strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills
- Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with others
- Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
- Strong computer skills required.
- Adobe Suite (i.e. Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, Illustrator)
- Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Publisher)
- Social Media Management/Marketing (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
- Ability to lead & manage teams
- Ability to write great content
- Must adhere to the churchs doctrine and policies
- Must love Jesus and get fired up about the mission to help people find God and grow in their relationship with Jesus

Preferred Skills:
- Organization and Scheduling Previous Marketing, communication, social media and website experience preferred
- Graphic Design
- Video Production
- Web Design
- Proclaim Presentation Software

This is a full-time, salaried position.
If you are interested in applying for this position please send your resume and cover letter to In the meantime, feel free to get to know us a little bit at

Hope Crossing | Sterling Heights, Michigan

Hope Crossing is a small to medium size multi-generational church looking for an energetic, passionate, and forward-looking pastor to lead us into the next chapter. The Pastor will formulate and preach Biblically based, gospel driven messages that are relevant in today’s culture.

They must have:

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ, having accepted Him as Lord and Savior.
A desire for personal growth and development in their calling as a Pastor.
A strong moral character and be an example to the flock by carrying a genuine concern for the spiritual well-being of the congregation.

They must be willing to officiate at special occasions in the lives of the congregation such as weddings, baptism, confirmations, and funerals as needed.

Hope Crossing exists as a body of believers to glorify God by:

Leading persons to a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, by responding to spiritual, physical and emotional needs.
Leading Christians to spiritual maturity through teaching, worship and fellowship
Equipping and challenging persons for ministry

Interested? Contact Rev. Mark K. Richardson, State Pastor. 800-369-5890

Sears Church of God | Sears, Michigan
Pastor - Job Description

The Sears Church of God is seeking a full time Senior Pastor. The church is in beautiful Osceola County in central Michigan on approximately 8 acres. Evart/Sears is known for the Dulcimer Funfest held every year in July and for a rich logging history in years gone by.  The beautiful Muskegon River flows through the area and is enjoyed by many during the summer months.

We believe that the Pastor of our Church is called by God to lead the church and will need a combination of experience and ability to change “hats” often to meet varying needs.  Community outreach, ministry to the sick, shut-ins and elderly, ministry to children and youth are also a priority.

Our congregation is made up of middle to older adults with a few younger people. Our vision is to see the church grow.

We place a high priority on sound biblical teaching and preaching that provides a meaningful experience with God that promotes spiritual growth.

Education Required: College graduate, credentialed by Church of God, (Anderson IN)

Experience: Preferred Qualifications: Effective preacher/speaker, continues to develop theological and biblical skills, encourages members to develop their spiritual life, effective in planning and leading worship, ability to provide counseling, mature and emotionally secure, cultivates a close relationship with God through teaching.

Primary Responsibilities: Preparing and preaching clear biblical messages to encourage spiritual growth.  Practices personally and teaches others how to effectively communicate the gospel to others. Loving and caring for the congregation and community.

Salary: $50,000-$60,000

For Questions or to apply: Please email Angie Moore,

TriPoint Church of God | Mio, Michigan
Associate Pastor - Job Description
Position Summary:

In coordination with the Pastor and Board of Directors, the Associate Pastor is responsible to organize and resource Tri Point Church of Gods Children and Youth Ministry and education programs with an emphasis on Spiritual Growth.
Spiritual Gifts:


Position Qualifications:

Sufficient training and experience to assist in the nurture of the life of children and youth in the church
Passion for Children and Youth Ministries and a desire to help families grow in faith
Possess integrity and display strong moral character, living above reproach at home, in the church and in the community
Possess the ability to work harmoniously, effectively and confidentially with children of all ages, church members, pastor and staff
Ability to embrace the vision, values, and statement of faith of Tri Point Church of God
Possess the ability to use appropriate judgment, discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality
Proven leadership skills utilizing a cooperative, collaborative team leadership style
Strong interpersonal skills that maintain healthy and motivating relationships.


Coordinating children and youth ministry, education and special programming with the Christian Education Team
     - Acquiring and adapting curriculum materials to conform with our traditions as they
               align with Church of God, Anderson, IN and the Church of God in Michigan
     - Recruiting, training, and supporting teachers
     - Acquiring and organizing necessary study supplies
Coordinate/recruit assistants to help develop children and youth activities/programs
Recruit and resource the Vacation Bible School (VBS) Director
Provide the VBS Director support the week of Vacation Bible School
Work with the Pastor coordinating and teaching youth confirmation classes
Sharing in the leadership of worship as directed by the Pastor
Performing other duties from time to time as may be directed by the pastor

Direct Supervisor:

Directly supervised by the Pastor
Responsible to Church Board
Work closely with all committees and areas of ministries



Wage and Benefit Package:

Commensurate with experience ($36,000 to $48,000)
To be reviewed annually by the Church Board

Interested? Contact Rev. Jody Coon, Pastor.