General Assembly
of the Church of God
in Michigan

"equipping local congregations
to extend the Kingdom of God"

Celebrating and Looking to the Future

Rev. Dr. William Jones, State Pastor

Bill Jones

We have just finished an exciting General Assembly! Dr. Melissa Pratt challenged and inspired us to impact the community around us for Jesus Christ. The Messer Sisters truly led us to the Throne of God through worship. We had near record attendance of just over 270 persons. Thank you to our conference leaders, Dr. Herbert Banks, Rev. Kirk Bookout, Minister Crystal Colp, and Rev. Jim O’Bold for providing timely information to help us in ministry and life. Thank you Mrs. Joeli Ballard, who chaired our Assembly with grace and strength. Great appreciation to Harold Lockley and our Business Committee for leading us efficiently through our business. The approvals of our budget, the adoption of the Credentials Manual, committee ratifications as well as those to licensed and ordained all resoundingly passed.

Now in about a week our annual State Youth Convention takes place at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids. The venue and activities will provide one of the best experiences in the nation. Please pray for our teens as they attend, and make vital spiritual decisions!

Be praying for our Future Directions Committee as they transform from a future thinking/dreaming team to a search committee to find that person God is calling to lead our Assembly into the future.

Finally, from all of our Staff both in the field and here at the Service Center we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas. God is working in and through our Churches to bring the joy of this season to persons all year round. We carry the message that God is our provider, protector, and friend. In a world of pain and loneliness we have the greatest message of love and hope. Let us proclaim it lovingly, loudly, and with all the fervor that God’s Spirit gives us.

Take note of all the activities of the next couple of months, and we will be back in Early January with eAction.

Blessed Thanksgiving...Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,

Your Service Center Staff

Bill Jones, Goldie Kurtzhals, Becky Adams, Jerry Lyon,
Connie Graham, Robert Dulin, Jim Horn, Dave Perry, John Davey

Rejoicing with New Leadership

We welcome new Pastors to the State this year...

Rev. Steve Gulick - Floyd Church of God, Midland
Pastor Marc Danapilis - The Anchor Church of God, Stevensville
Rev. Bob Moss - Hope Community Church of God, Niles
Rev. Jim Sirks - Cornerstone Community Church of Colon
Pastor Michael Rysko - South Cochran Church of God, Charlotte
Rev. Erin Taylor - First Church of God, Alma

And Associate Pastors

Pastor Chris Shattuck - North Avenue Church of God, Battle Creek
Pastor Brian Spitters - North Avenue Church of God, Battle Creek

Christian Women Connection

This last month has been a busy month for me. All but one weekend was filled with something...

The first weekend was full of relaxation because my husband wanted one more chance to camp. When we got home, I had a meeting with our finance committee to work on our budget.

Then the weekend of October 12 – 13 was the National Board of Directors and Connection Council in Anderson, Indiana. We were able to tour the new building of the Church of God Ministries. This includes our CWC offices and the Linen Closet. What a lovely work environment! What a privilege to work with ladies from all over the US.

October 20 was our state Fall Retreat with 45 ladies attending. We held it at the Ithaca Church of God with the theme of Living Waters. Our host ladies did a great job with welcoming and feeding us. Our speaker was Deb Yates from the Eagle Ridge Church of God. She did a great job of challenging us. Sue Snyder was our talented worship leader. What a great team for our retreat.

The state General Assembly was November 2-3. It is my honor and privilege to represent the CWC. Meeting old friends and meeting new ones is always a highlight. For me, I always look forward to listening to the ministers who have completed the requirements for Ordination.

Here are future dates you will want to mark down on your calendar:

~ Christ's Birthday Offering is our largest offering in the Church of God.
~ April 26 – 27, 2019 is State Convention at Holiday Inn, Midland with Speaker Minister Crystal Colp.
~ October 10 – 13, 2019 is Church of God Women's Convention at Sheraton Myrtle Beach Hotel.

Connie Mashue, CWC State President

General Assembly of the Church of God in Michigan - State Pastor Successor Search

I always enjoy reading the articles in the eAction and the Weekly Call. When people complain about getting too many emails...TMI... in their inbox I find that a short, poignant article on something important relating to our work and our call is always worth the time. I love hearing from the pastors around the state and from our leadership in the Church of God in Michigan. So if you got this far, you might as well keep reading about some very important things happening in our state. My name is Dan Whiting and I am the chair of the Future Directions Committee for the Church of God in Michigan. What is this, you say? Well, this committee was formed last year and presented to the General Assembly with the following task. "Your Board of Directors of the Church of God in Michigan in an effort to promote a smooth transition of authority formed a Future Directions Committee that will serve for the next year and a half, to find our next State Leader." To accomplish this goal the committee is tasked with surveying the General Assembly and other State Church of God Ministries to develop a profile of the State Ministry and the State Pastor position. This was accomplished and continues to be accomplished through many electronic surveys, focus group meetings across the state and several committee meetings. Many of you participated in these surveys and meetings and we thank you for your valuable input. The committee has consolidated all the input and feedback into a comprehensive profile. This profile is in circulation around the state and country and available by contacting The committee is currently accepting resumes and will begin reviewing those resumes in November and December. The plan is to start the interviewing process in January. The Board of Directors' goal is to have the next state pastor chosen and approved by the Board of Directors by June 2019. In June 2019, a ballot will be sent to all members of the Michigan General Assembly to ratify the new leader. This person would begin work the first week of September 2019 and work with Dr. Jones for the next four months, taking the position on January 1, 2020. The celebration of Dr. Jones' ministry would be at the General Assembly November 1, 2019. The installation service for the new state pastor would be Saturday, November 2, 2019. The committee members are Jerry Lyon, Chris Bones, Carron Odokara, Alex Weeks, Dante Rodriguez, Robert Dulin, Leo Robinson II, and John Mattern.

We encourage you to reach out to any of these members if you have questions. Certainly be praying for this process and for the next state pastor. Also, please pass this information on to your network.

In His Service

Daniel L. Whiting, Executive Pastor Clarkston Community Church and Future Directions Committee Chair Church of God in Michigan

Bill Jones

National Inspirational Youth Convention (NIYC)

Please join us for NIYC!

Join us in Virginia Beach for the National Inspirational Youth Convention taking place December 27-31, 2018. The NIYC is an annual opportunity for our youth to gather for 4 days of inspiring conferences, worship, and fellowship as they engage and explore a new city together.

Things You Should Know:

Registration rates increase December 1. Register now! Program Book Ads - Ads are full-page, full-color, and cost only $75. Purchase and submit your ad online. Be a Volunteer - NIYC is a volunteer-based ministry that depends on individuals to make it a success each year. Review the list of volunteer opportunities and discover the ways you can help. Support KidsQuest - The NIYC children's ministry thrives because of the contributions that are sown. Please consider giving to KidsQuest. Additional information is outlined in this letter from KidsQuest director, Angela Conti. Worship Symposium II - is a special conference for Worship Arts Leaders and Ministers of Praise and Worship. It will be held at the NIYC. Please consult the program book for more information. Any Questions? Visit, email, or call (302) 501-NIYC.

We Are Better Together!

State Youth Winter Retreat

Dear Youth Leaders/Pastors,

The Church of God State Youth Winter Retreat is ready for January 11-13, 2019! We will be using Timber Wolf Lake Camp again. It is located at 4909 N. Morey Road, Lake City, Michigan. It is an awesome Young Life Camp and we will have wonderful ample space, beautiful facilities, awesome leaders and the great events we always look forward to! Check out the camp at

We are anticipating having many churches join us this January. Each group must have adult chaperones for male and female youth, Churches may determine the appropriate number for your group.

For more information, contact Connie Graham, Director of Youth Ministry (989) 835-9262; mobile 989 600-0339
Check out the entire State Youth Winter Retreat.

Exponential HGC Pre-Conference 2019

Captivating Church Culture
Small Changes - Big Impact

Exponential 2019 is March 4-7. Registration through HGC is officially open! We are incredibly excited about the content we're bringing to the HGC Pre-Conference starting on the 4th. Be sure to register yourself and your team for Exponential with our discounted price! Click the "Register Now" below to get in on this great deal!

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Demetrius Booker

360 Ministry Leadership Conference

March 9, 2019

Better Together!
Ecclesiastes 4:9 – “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor”

Reverend Demetrius Booker, Keynote Speaker