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of the Church of God
in Michigan

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to extend the Kingdom of God"

Christian Women Connection

What great memories we have of our State CWC Convention on April 27 and 28. We met at the Holiday Inn, Midland. Before the Convention we had our State CWC Board of Directors and State Board meetings on April 27th.

Rev. Mary Stephens was our keynote speaker. Mary is a very personable and an energetic speaker. Tonya Henry as our worship Leader. She led us in praise and worship and prepared us for our speaker. Emily Clark, former Associate Pastor at Wounded Knee, gave her moving testimony.

Friday night offering was for Children of Promise and our Livings Links.

The total will tell you how caring our CWC women are:
Children of Promise $759.67
Living Link - Critser $569.33
Living Link - Mishell $702.33

My next project will be updating our State Directory.

With summer weather we start thinking about camp meeting. Here are the dates for Warner Campmeeting July 13-21, 2018 and St Louis 125th is August 2-10, 2018. Also at St. Louis Campmeeting will be our auction Wednesday afternoon. Items to sell are welcome.

August 7 will be the Board of Directors meeting at St Louis Camp Meeting, and August 8 will be the State Board of Directors meeting also at St. Louis Camp Meeting.

October 10-13, 2019 plan ahead for the Church of God Women’s Convention at Myrtle Beach.

Blessings, Connie Mashue CWC State President

Connie Mashue, President
Michigan Christian Women Connection

Shirts being offered from Christian Women Connection. The shirts will be available at the convention or you may contact Penny Ream, (269) 718-7089.


$26.50/$28.50 Polo v-neck

$13.00/$15.00 T-shirts

If you do not regularly receive mailings from Michigan Women of the Church of God and would like more information please contact Connie Mashue, (989) 835-1703 or e-mail