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Senior  Pastor

Alma Church of God

Alma Church of God is a vibrant, healthy, and growing congregation. We are seeking a Senior Pastor who can help us build upon our strengths, discern the next chapter of our mission, help us chart the course, and take the steps we need to pursue the vision.

Our next Senior Pastor fosters encounters with Jesus by:

  • Preaching sermons that are dynamic and relevant
  • Casting vision for the missionQualified to minister in the church as required in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9
  • Activating the church to impact the local community and beyond
  • Equipping and empowering leaders to leadLicensed and ordained in the Church of God, Anderson, IN or be in the process of licensing and ordination.
  • Leading with authenticity, courage, and integrity
  • Caring for every generation
  • Celebrating and cultivating generosity
  • Investing in staff and helping them thrive

We believe all of life is packed with potential to encounter Jesus.
Our next Senior Pastor helps people discover how to live with this alertness in daily life.

We believe God loves Alma and the surrounding communities.

Our next Senior Pastor helps us discover how to join our lives to God’s love for the world.

Our commitment to our Senior Pastor:

  • Full-time compensation with benefits packageTo proclaim the gospel of Christ and to teach the Bible in a way that communicates well.
  • Prayer support and encouragementTo provide leadership and cast vision joining together with the people of the church to develop plans and programs for forward growth.
  • Care for our pastor’s familyWork and serve with the Leadership team in future endeavors and choosing of additional members of Adult/Youth Ministries.
  • Support for healthy life and ministry rhythms
  • A wonderful church to call home

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Lead  Pastor

Pennway Church of God 

Lead Pastor Expectations

The Lead Pastor shall be an ordained or licensed minister in good standing with credentials recognized by Church of God Ministries — Anderson, Indiana.

The Lead Pastor is a full-time position and is responsible to carefully give spiritual oversight and guidance to the ministries of Pennway Church. They shall perform all of the duties inherent in the office of Lead Pastor.

The Lead Pastor is expected to lead and work collaboratively with multiple Staff and Volunteers.

The Lead Pastor will lead in fulfilling the Mission Principles according to the Boundary Principles established by the Elders.

The Lead Pastor will be required to write measurable goals each year that correspond to each of Pennway Church’s Mission Principles. At least one of the these goals for each Mission Principle must project growth in the number of people who benefit or participate. These yearly goals will be shared with Staff and Elders.

The Lead Pastor shall be accountable to the Elders for proper and legal conduct with regard to Pennway Church’s Bylaws and the Guiding Principles established by the Elders.

Other Responsibilities

Experiencing the Presence of God
Your relationship with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit matters to us. If you are disconnected from God, you cannot live, lead, or grow. We expect you to spend time in the Presence of God daily. From the overflow of your time with God, you will invite others to experience the depth and wonder of His Presence.

Growth and Learning
Leading in this season requires a deepening of understanding and experience. Furthering your education through schooling, reading, conferences, etc…is expected. Sharing what you are learning with Staff and Volunteers will deepen everyone’s understanding.

Preparation Makes Room
When we are prepared, we create room for Holy Spirit to work. While there will be times when last-minute planning will be necessary, that is not the norm. Long-term vision and creativity is a crucial part of this role.

Excellence In All Things
We are not striving for perfection because that would be a trap. We are called to work with excellence. This matters because God deserves it and the Pennway Family deserves it. We are asking that you continually strive to raise the bar in your areas of responsibility.

Pennway Family
At all times, we will treat attendees, guests, and volunteers with dignity and respect, remembering that each and every one of us are created in the image of God.

Guiding Principles

Mission Principles

Defining the Outcomes of the Ministry of the church that the Lead pastor is tasked to achieve.

MP1.0 Comprehensive Mission Statement

Pennway Church of God exists to invite you into the Way of Jesus. We believe that everyone comes to Father God only through Jesus (John 14:6). In the Gospels, we read of the extraordinary life, worldtransforming death, and power-spreading resurrection of Jesus. The Way of Jesus leads to the Father, leads to salvation, and continues to transform us throughout our lives. We believe the Way of Jesus is committed to the Presence of God, love of neighbor, Kingdom life, generational impact, and hilarious generosity.

Lead  Pastor

First Church of God 
Saint Johns

Currently seeking a full-time pastor

St. Johns is a small town in Michigan once known as the “hub” of Michigan for its location in the center of the lower peninsula. The city is also known as “Mint City USA” for the annual Mint Festival and parade held in August to celebrate its mint-farming legacy. Traditional mores and family solidarity are dominant in the community.

St. Johns Church of God

  • This congregation has been growing for over 100 years and is dedicated to consistent growth and open to change.
  • We have worshipped and served God at our current location since 1974.
  • Our present facilities were constructed mostly through the combined service and work of congregants.
  • The congregation is financially healthy.
  • The congregation is at its best when it is working together in God-focused unity.
  • The congregation enjoys gathering in various ways, including Sunday morning pre-service coffee hour, an annual
    July 4 th fireworks viewing party for the community, and annual summer picnics and Christmas banquets.
  • The church organization is led by a Board of Directors with the pastor as executive.
  • The Board works in partnership with the pastoral staff to embody the character of Christ.
  • In February 2023 NXTStep Church Services completed a full church assessment. The Church Assessment Report
    is available on the church website at

Pastoral Call

  • We recognize a pastor as someone who feels and is actively pursuing a calling.
  • We believe God is preparing the person who will be our next pastor.
  • We are seeking God’s leadership in guiding us to that person.
  • We are seeking a full-time pastor who:

       - Willingly submits to spiritual guidance.

       - Is credentialed, or is willing to enter the process of being credentialed, by the Church of God Credentials Committee.

       - Has or is seeking appropriate education in the biblical, theological, and practical aspects of ministry.

       - Understands the importance of technology to contemporary church worship and outreach.

Pastoral Character

  • We believe that the character of a pastor is vital and must reflect scriptural guidelines.
  • We are seeking a pastor who:

       - Biblically teaches with the capacity to engage the hearts and minds of those seeking God, and to educate and challenge toward spiritual growth.

       - Is a Holy Spirit disciple of Jesus who emphasizes prayer and biblical soundness.

       - Is a community-minded leader who actively engages in ministry inside and outside the church walls. o Is a listener who is able to provide congregational care.

       - Is able to see and respond to people with compassion, care, and sound instruction.

       - Is a good communicator.

       - Has emotional intelligence and a commitment to on-going personal growth and maturity.

       - Is genuine, nonjudgmental, and humble.

       - Provides visionary leadership and is willing to take risks and go where God leads.

Contact Us

Pastor John Davey (Interim Pastor):; (989) 763-0399

Sarah Young:

Bi-Vocational Pastor

First Church of God

The Big Picture -
The Cassopolis church is a small fellowship of dedicated believers seeking a lead pastor that is
energetic, has a passion for and will help and guide its people in reaching the lost in the
community we serve. His or her focus will center on preaching, leadership, pastoral care and
personal witness.

The Church -
The Cass church is a welcoming one - that seeks to glorify God and live out the love of Christ
through worship, fellowship, discipleship and sharing the good news. Our church is proud of its
many years of history and undeniable desire to serve those in need in the community. The
people of this church are aware of the challenges of a bi-vocational pastor and understand that
a person has limitations. The lead pastor and leadership team will work together to set
priorities, assignments, boundaries & team support.

The Community -
Cassopolis is located along the Michigan state line 20 miles north of South Bend, IN. In recent
years the downtown community and Stone Lake area has been revitalized by The Imagine Cass
Project which sought to transform the entire community. While serving as the county seat, this
quaint village has a historic atmosphere and is a great place to establish strong family values. In
addition, a major new industrial park is currently in process just outside of town. The village,
farm country and large Diamond Lake offers some unique opportunities and challenges.

Requirements/Qualifications -

  • Personal call to pastoral ministry
  • Qualified to minister in the church as required in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9
  • Committed to living and serving consistent with scripture and the Church of God
  • Licensed and ordained in the Church of God, Anderson, IN or be in the process of licensing and ordination.
  • The ability to communicate through the preaching ministry and lead people to life changing experiences.
  • Possess strong leadership and communication skills, necessary to identify, seek out and build relationships in the community, as needed, to enhance outreach efforts, partnerships and ministries.

Duties and Responsibilities -

  • To proclaim the gospel of Christ and to teach the Bible in a way that communicates well.
  • To provide leadership and cast vision joining together with the people of the church to develop plans and programs for forward growth.
  • Work and serve with the Leadership team in future endeavors and choosing of additional members of Adult/Youth Ministries.
  • To facilitate regular contact/visitation of church families.
  • To officiate at weddings, funerals, and any other significant church events as well as serving as a representative of the church at significant community events.

Position Summary -
We seek an energetic and enthusiastic lead pastor who feels a divine call to pastoral ministry
upon his or her life. The lead pastor needs to have a heart for serving and a passion to share
the good news of the gospel in order to see lives transformed. We expect that the person
accepting this position would feel God's call to our congregation.

The Compensation -
This is a part-time position. Salary and benefits will be determined based on experience and
education of the successful candidate and in line with the current recommendations contained
in the budget.

Please send resume to:
Dennis Wooden, and
Mike Grice,

For any questions or more information please contact Dennis Wooden at 517-937-5568

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