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Michigan Student Leadership Institute (MSLI)

The purpose of Michigan Student Leadership Institute is to provide and plant Christian Servant Leadership principles, reflective of the heart of Christ, into hearts, and minds of students.

The Michigan Student Leadership Institute (MSLI) is a three Year leadership training course. Through instruction with some of our state's best leaders, students will learn what it takes to become a leader now, not just in the future! MSLI is 2 days of high energy worship, student training, and challenges in a 3 year track. Leaders choose youth who exhibit leadership in local churches and seek development.

The Youth Ministry of the Church of God in Michigan is inviting you to share an incredible opportunity to train leaders within your youth ministry. The Michigan Student Leadership Institute (MSLI) is a three-year program geared toward very mature eighth grade and senior high students who have inherent leadership abilities, yet need practical guidance in applying those skills in a ministry setting. The MSLI meets once per year for a Friday evening of great worship, challenges, and fun. Saturday is filled with both classroom and hands-on training in various areas of leadership. Incredible relationships are formed with other students from across the state, who, like them, are considered leaders in their home church or youth ministry.

Upon completion of the three-years, a letter of recommendation for college, a Commissioning Service, and a gift are given. Students are specifically sent out to minister as servant leaders where they live, work, and attend school. This is all available for just $60 per student per year (which includes all meals, lodging, materials, and training). The cost for registration after April 17 is $80 per student.

If feasible, I would encourage you to plan for this in your youth budget or ask your local church board to budget for your students every year as an investment in their future and the future of your church.

For churches who have never participated in MSLI, partial scholarships of $30 per student may be available to ignite your church’s investment in youth leadership development. Contact Jerry or Connie Graham for more information.

Graduates of the three years of MSLI who attend one of our Church of God Universities or Colleges, should receive a $1,000 leadership scholarship renewable for all four years of schooling.

Adult Leaders:

There are training sessions on Saturday for the low price of $6.00 to help with the cost of food. Your registration is needed for the lunch count.

The brochure shares the progressive topics, schedule, location, application, and liability release form. Suggested criteria, which is helpful in determining students from your ministry who should attend, is found on the state website I ask you to carefully review this information and begin planning now to bring student leaders (or those who can become leaders) to this incredible weekend. The application and parental release are absolutely essential for every student who will be attending. Students who have attended one or more years and missed last time, may attend this year’s Institute and continue in the next progressive year of their three-year track. This would include High School graduates as well.

We hope to see the returning students, and many for Year 1, at Pennway Church of God in Lansing on April 26-27. This is a weekend training which will pay dividends for you personally and your students for years to come!

For His Glory Alone!

Pastor Jerry Graham, Chair, MSLI Task Force, (989) 835-9262, (989) 600-0319 mobile


Day 1

5:45- 6:00 P.M. Arrival/Registration
6:30 P.M. Opening Worship
8:00 P.M. Fun, Fellowship, and Food
9:30 P.M. Retire to area homes

Day 2

8:30 A.M. Return to Church
9:00 A.M. Morning Worship, Session 1, and Session 2
11:30 A.M. Interactive Lunch
12:30 P.M. Group Activity, Session 3, and Session 4
4:30 P.M. Closing Service
6:00 P.M. Departure

Times in this schedule are subject to changes

Suggested Criteria

The following list is to help youth pastors and leaders determine which of your students might be ready for MSLI.

  • Student should have made a commitment by faith to God.
  • Student should display leadership characteristics in their daily life at church, school, home, and within your student ministry. Some students may display their characteristics differently. Look not just for the “popular kid”, but those whose leadership may be displayed simply through daily example.
  • Student should be interested in learning more about himself and how God may want to use him/her for Kingdom work. There will be a Spiritual Gifts inventory, personality profile and opportunities to learn how God uses each of us uniquely.
  • Student should be willing to make a one weekend per year commitment for 3 years to insure completion of the program. The weekend is the course work for the first 2 years- the real tests come in how he/she uses what has been learned.
  • As a general rule, the student should be High School age. In some cases, there may be an especially mature 8th grader that would benefit by attending. We encourage college students to return to complete MSLI also.
  • Student should be a “regular attendee” of church and youth ministry functions. Most “occasional” attending students will have difficulty using what is learned in a practical setting if they do not have a consistent church life.
  • Student should have a positive outlook about life in general. Every student has “issues”, but how has he/she adapted and overcome theirs?
  • Student should have a good general idea of what MSLI is about PRIOR to arriving the first day of the Institute.
  • Student should be willing, upon completion of each track, to be available for follow-up and for use in ministry in their home church.

These are only suggestions for use. To invoke interest or create curiosity, you may need to be less stringent to get that first set of students involved.