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Church of God in Michigan

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Church Health Ministry

Works on ministries which aid the local church in the success of its mission. This ministry oversees such areas as:
Church Redevelopment and Restart; Coaching Clusters; Congregational Consultations; Health Plans for Churches; Leadership Training Events; New Works (Multiplication) Endowment; and New Church Development Initiatives.

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Credentials Ministry

Works to recognize, train, and provide accountability to all professional clergy who serve the Church of God in Michigan. This ministry will oversee:

Licensing and Ordination of ministers

Ministerial Development

Recognition of Congregations

Yearbook Recognition

Clergy/Congregational Discipline

Credentials will work closely with Church of God national and state assemblies to provide consistency and integrity in credentialing for all ministers.

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Pastoral Health Ministry

Works on ministries that will aid the pastor and his/her family in the success of their mission. This ministry will oversee such areas as:

Ministers Retreat

Lifelong Learning Matching Funds

Pastoral Counseling Assistance

Ministry Wives Retreat

The Ministry Renewal Endowment

The B. Gale Hetrick Endowment

Pastoral Health will explore and implement other ministries that it may deem beneficial to the pastoral family.

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Youth Ministry

Works on ministries that will aid and strengthen our cooperative work with teens. This ministry will oversee:

Michigan Student Leadership Institute (MSLI)

State Youth Convention

Youth Winter Retreat

And consult:

State Youth Choir

Youth Camping

Youth Ministry will continue to explore and implement ministry programs that aid youth, youth ministers (lay and professional) and youth ministries on the state and local level.

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Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into
His harvest field.
Matthew 9:38

"equipping local congregations
to extend the Kingdom of God"

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